About delivery,

Every order placed on is delivered throughout Romania with the indication that the order must be confirmed by the customer.

The delivery time is approx. 3 days (except for cases of force majeure and those belonging to the category of the unforeseen and for orders on weekends or public holidays) or 5 - up to 10 working days in EU countries from the time of order confirmation, taking into account: validity of Data provided by the customer, the availability of the products in stock in the required quantity, confirmation of the method of payment and delivery method.

All orders are delivered via a single express courier company - DPD. You can choose a different delivery location than the billing location. After receiving the package, please check that the package is intact and that the tax invoice and the order order / proforma invoice are present (document that you can also find on the website next to every order you have generated under "My orders") - How to find these documents - can be found in the envelope on or in the package. The products are handed over in sealed packaging and the goods are insured during the entire transport until delivery.

The order can be placed online. This type of order or online order can benefit from all promotions and offers that are currently available on exist

Transport costs: 17 RON in Bucharest and National (for the first 3 kg) and then 1 RON for each additional kilogram. For locations that are not in the distribution network (see list of cities below), additional costs of 1 RON / km can be charged on the distance between the destination and the nearest city in the distribution network. The costs associated with delivery include VAT, are estimated and are shown separately in the order. For deliveries outside of Bucharest, the fuel index is also taken into account, which the carrier must change without prior notice depending on the change in the fuel price.

The costs for EU countries correspond to the following table:




Insurance costs: The insurance value is 1% of the goods and transport value.

Exceptions for the calculation of shipping weights:

In order to determine the tariff weight of a shipment, the actual weight and the volume weight of the shipment are compared. The higher of the two weights becomes the tariff weight of the shipment. These exceptions to the weight calculation do not apply to linear weight. The air weight applies to items with a size (length) on one of the sides larger than 4.00 m.

    - The volume weight is calculated according to the formula: length (cm) xlatime (cm) xinaltime (cm) / 6000. The volumetric conversion factor (CCF) is 167 kg / m3.

    - The linear weight is calculated according to the formula: 100 kg + the actual weight of the package

The maximum length allowed by the carrier is 6.00 m.

The transport service is paid for in full by the customer.

ATTENTION: The transport costs generated by the site depending on the location specified by the customer in "Personal data" may be calculated incorrectly. We are not responsible for the price generated in the order / proforma invoice, the exact cost will then be communicated to the customer and explicitly stated in the document prepared by the representative of the courier company.


Special conditions:

If you are not found on the agreed date and within the agreed time, you will be given the AWB number and telephone number in writing, under which you can contact the courier service in order to receive your package, which can lead to delivery delays - unfavorable weather conditions; Accidents or road blocks We reserve the right not to accept orders and / or deliveries from certain customers and / or to certain addresses.