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Isarescu winehouse - Cramposie

Isarescu winehouse, Cramposie, white wine, dry wine grape vineyard Dragasani.

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" Peasant who like nobles " - as famous names Păstorel Teodoreanu - Crâmpoşie is an old local variety , which resisted the Dacian Drăgăşani vineyard . Excellent wine haul , friendly, with a distinct personality and freshness enviable Crâmpoşie acquires a special flavor served cold ( 9-10 ° C ) , with fish , poultry or traditional Romanian dishes . Based on historical realities and the fact that wine work continued without interruption until today , I would say that is very old Crâmpoşie variety is grown in the area since the Geto - Dacian .
Soi autosterile ( vine flowers can not create fruit with their own pollen ), it was planted in biological assortment Romanian variety Gordan good pollinator . These two varieties , locals BRAGHIN added a bit of Romanian Tămâioasă .
In conclusion , we can say that the old vineyard assortment Drăgăşani to phylloxera (1884 ) , was composed of 30 % Crâmpoşie Gordan 30 % , 30 % and Tămâioasă Romanian BRAGHIN 10%. All varieties of this mixture was obtained and famous Tulburel Drăgăşani or cloudy Drăgăşani a new wine obtained several weeks after picking grapes. Interesting to know is that , over time , Crâmpoşie had several synonyms, being known under the names of growers of Oltenia and Băldoaie Cârlogancă . Later, after the spread Dealu Mare, growers in this vineyard called a knuckle . Crâmpoşie is a very vigorous variety , sometimes with even Buiac growth , leading to decrease the quantity and quality of grapes produced . In 1972 , a group of researchers from the Research Station Wine-growing Drăgăşani obtained a new variety called Crâmpoşie selected . Unlike Crâmpoşie variety that is functionally female flowers and the phenomenon of Meier mărgeluire ( caused by a lack of fertilization of flowers ) manifest strong variety has flowers hermaphrodite Crâmpoşie Select normal and therefore do not have these negative aspects . Compared to the old Crâmpoşie that have mixed traits , producing and table grapes chosen quality Crâmpoşie Select is only for winemaking. White wines produced are generally dry , balanced fruit. Through their freshness and suppleness , they leave a pleasant tasting oral coolness . Dr. Ing Ec Ion Rifle , oenologist .

  • Variety - Cramposie
  • Name details - DOC
  • Alcohol percentage - 12,5%
  • Package - Bottle
  • Volume - 750 ml
  • Harvest details - CMD
  • Serving temperature - 8 - 12 grade C
  • Vineyard - Dragasani vineyard
  • Type Dry


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