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Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea winery - Principesa Margareta - Red Maximize

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea winery - Principesa Margareta - Red

Domain Segarcea Crown Princess Margarita Red, Marselan barrel. Red wine, dry grapes in vineyard Segarcea, Oltenia, Oltenia Hills prizes at various competitions, rare wine collection.

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Tasting Notes
The first Romanian wine made from Marselan variety, planted the first vineyards in Segarcea in 2005. Flavors of strawberry jam, raspberry, blueberry, tobacco, spices, cocoa, milk chocolate, rum, coconut and fine leather. The taste is complex, unfolding gradually from the explosion of fruit secondary nuances of spices, finished with a long and elegant aftertaste of liquorice and chocolate milk.
A bit of history.
From the first days of 1990, when HRH Princess Margarita of Romania Romanians returning from fresh out of sad communist era, and until today, Crown Princess became a symbol for all of them forgotten or ignored in the previous half-century - honesty, respect for tradition, passion for excellence, modesty, volunteering, humanism and charity. The daily actions in all these years, His Royal Highness has pioneered the formation of a responsible elite which to establish moral rebirth of Romania.
In September 2010, Field Crown Segarcea back to being the official supplier of the Royal House of Romania, regaining their place as what was intended since its creation by His Majesty King Charles I. At the request of HRH Princess Margaret, we created two special wines in limited editions. I tried to grasp the history of gratitude to them so we tied the fate of the Royal House of Romania and promise that we will never depart from the standards of excellence that have established to date Segarcea vineyard name.
History in the vineyard of a Segarcea show the world that every day is really well done work does not fall under the weather, or in humans. Even in the darkest times of nationalization and collectivization communist Segarcea name remains a landmark of quality and desirable as its founder, His Majesty King Charles I. In recognition, the company today remains committed to the born again the Crown Domain Law, 10 (22) June 1884: Excellence, Tradition, love and respect for the earth.
Awards - 2009 vintage year

Silver - USA 2013
Los Angeles International Wine Competition

Awards - 2008 vintage year

Gold - USA, 2012
Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Packaging Design Competition (Modern Classic)

Silver - Hong Kong, China, 2012
China Wine Awards

Nova Silver - Monaco 2013
Femmes et Vins du Monde

Bronze - Great Britain 2013
Decanter World Wine Awards

Bronze - USA, 2012
Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition

Mention - Great Britain, 2012
Decanter World Wine Awards

Mention - Great Britain, 2012
International Wine Challenge

  • Variety - Marselan
  • Package - Bottle
  • Volume - 750 ml
  • Vineyard - Segarcea
  • Type Dry


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