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Murfatlar winery - Zestrea - Pinot Gris

Quality category: DOC - CT, controlled denomination of origin wine, late harvest.

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  • Box (6 bottles)
  • By Piece (1 bottle)

Availability: "Control Mode - In box" quantity 1 piece is a whole box (6 bottles) change involves multiple quantity box. The "Command Mode - Piece" Quantity 1 piece refers to a single bottle, changing the amount involved multiple bottle.

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22,00 lei

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Faithfully represents the natural sweet wines, holding the record of sugar accumulation. Colors straw shades to amber after its aging advanced characteristic taste, overall harmony of components that gives soft shades and onctuaoseil make rival the world's most famous wines in this category (eg Tokai). Semi-sweet wine from vineyard Murfatlar.

  • Variety - Pinot gris
  • Name details - DOC
  • Alcohol percentage - 12%
  • Package - Bottle
  • Volume - 750 ml
  • Harvest details - CT
  • Serving temperature - 6 - 8 grade C
  • Vineyard - Murfatlar
  • Type Semi Sweet


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