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Halewood - Theia - Chardonnay

The wine has a straw yellow color. Intense aromas of ripe apricot, melon and grapefruit is filled with sweet honey and barrel fermentation and maturation in fine oa.

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Theia Chardonnay dry wine produced from a crop of grapes from our vineyards in Sebes Alba, vinified in a modern style. The grapes were harvested at full maturity in late September. After a maceration-tape 5 hours at a temperature of 12oC, without pressing the grapes was decanted gravity wort, and fermented at a temperature of 16oC for 25 days. For a great balance between primary flavors of variety and spicy flavors that oak extract, alcoholic fermentation was finished in American oak barrels. Smoothness and lubricity wine come from malolactic fermentation.
Edition limited to 5000 bottles individually numbered.
international recognition
* Theia Chardonnay 2009
Silver Medal - 'Excellence Awards 2010 "- (Romania)
Commendation - Decanter World Wine Awards 2011 -
* Theia Chardonnay 2010
Silver Medal - International Wine Contest Bucharest 2011 -

  • Variety - Chardonnay
  • Name details - DOC
  • Alcohol percentage - 14%
  • Package - Bottle
  • Volume - 750 ml
  • Harvest details - CMD
  • Serving temperature - 8 - 12 grade C
  • Vineyard - Sebes Alba
  • Type Dry


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