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Halewood - Prahova Valley Special Reserve - Merlot Maximize

Halewood - Prahova Valley Special Reserve - Merlot

Red wine, a dark ruby color, full-bodied, complex and harmonious. Flavors that emanated from aging in barrels are prunes, cranberries and spices.

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  • Box (6 bottles)
  • By Piece (1 bottle)

Availability: "Control Mode - Box" quantity 1 piece is a whole box (6 bottles) change involves multiple quantity box. The "Command Mode - By Piece" Quantity 1 piece refers to a single bottle, changing the amount involved multiple glass.

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26,00 lei

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Fine taste candied black fruit is well ehilibrat mild tannins and notes of vanilla from oak aging in small vessels. It has a long and persistent aftertaste.

Serve with cheese smoked sturgeon - especially if it is made with the same wine, turkey, pasta and game dishes less spicy.

  • Variety - Merlot
  • Name details - IG
  • Alcohol percentage - 13,5%
  • Package - Bottle
  • Volume - 750 ml
  • Serving temperature - 16 - 18 grade C
  • Vineyard - Dealurile Munteniei
  • Type Dry


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