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Segarcea Crown Field - Collection Minima Moralia - Sincerity Maximize

Segarcea Crown Field - Collection Minima Moralia - Sincerity

Crown field Segarcea Collection Low morale, Sincerity, white wine, dry wine blend of Viognier and Romanian Tamaioasa. The simple gesture of a brave man is not partake in falsehood. One word really could tip the world.

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  • Box (6 bottles)
  • By Piece (1 bottle)

Availability: "Control Mode - Box" quantity 1 piece is a whole box (6 bottles) change involves multiple quantity box. The "Command Mode - By Piece" Quantity 1 piece refers to a single bottle, changing the amount involved multiple glass.

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Tasting Notes: Debut wine is very fresh sensations green, dominated by citrus (lime, lemon, tendril beef), but this sensation hide, in fact, a wealth of subtle flavors, from pulp fleshy peach cruel and plum white to shades of white flowers and pollen. Acacia barrels influence is felt both lighter notes, perfectly integrated vanilla and wine into the body, become denser and smoother. Recommended serving temperature: 11C ?? 13C.

  • Variety - Viognier Blend of Baric, Viognier nebaricat, Romanian Tamaioasa
  • Name details - DOC
  • Alcohol percentage - 12,5%
  • Package - Bottle
  • Volume - 750 ml
  • Harvest details - CMD
  • Serving temperature - 8 - 12 grade C
  • Vineyard - Dealurile Olteniei


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