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Cellar Oprisor - Cupola Sanctis - St. Nicholas Maximize

Cellar Oprisor - Cupola Sanctis - St. Nicholas

Wine with complex structure, denote specific gravity and strength of character of Cabernet Merlot.

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  • Box (6 bottles)
  • By Piece (1 bottle)

Availability: "Control Mode - In box" quantity 1 piece is a whole box (6 bottles) change involves multiple quantity box. The "Command Mode - Piece" Quantity 1 piece refers to a single bottle, changing the amount involved multiple bottle.

Although most holy of children crossing, given the gifts they receive and every December 6, St. Nicholas was a man who knew first job shortages, and only the pleasure of taste. Saints say that since he was born, Nicholas first post, and then ate, and kept holy fast every Wednesday and Friday, eating only once in those days of his mother's breast. Immediately after birth, they say, Nicholas spent three hours standing in the bathroom, to honor the Holy Trinity.
Born, like many other holy founders of Christianity, during the persecution of Diocletian and Maximilian, Nicholas led a monk life, always preach the right faith. About goodness was heard afar off, and to this day remains the symbol of St. Nicholas absolute devotion, charity and support given to those who do good.
Nicholas was a bishop known for his boldness with which he preached the word of God in the city Lich, Diocletian ordered him to be imprisoned. But the Almighty had other plans for Nicholas, who stayed alive until the throne of Saint Constantine the Great, who immediately released from prison all Christians. Nicholas took Mira road, where he worked on the right way nead souls. He attended Constantine called at the first Council of Nicea, where Orthodox Christianity is founded with the recognition that Christ is the same with God the Father, and received the gift of miracles.
Genesis custom gifts Saint Nicholas Day comes from a random old. He says himself that he was a very poor man who had three beautiful girls. Being wood engravings, thought to profane life and home, giving the girls for fornication. God showed Nicholas cleaning the man had lived before, and the danger that lurked him. Then, Nicholas decided to help the poor, but did not want to be seen or knows where to help, so I snuck in the night and the man threw a bag of gold into the house, save it and from poverty, and from the fall.

  • Variety - Blend Cabernet&Merlot
  • Name details - IG
  • Alcohol percentage - 13.8%
  • Package - Bottle
  • Volume - 750 ml
  • Serving temperature - 16 - 18 grade C
  • Vineyard - Dealurile Olteniei
  • Type Dry


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