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Cellar Oprisor - Cupola Sanctis - St. Michael and Gabriel Maximize

Cellar Oprisor - Cupola Sanctis - St. Michael and Gabriel

The wine is from our SANCTIS Cupola very suitable for day birthday gift.

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  • Box (6 bottles)
  • By Piece (1 bottle)

Availability: "Control Mode - In box" quantity 1 piece is a whole box (6 bottles) change involves multiple quantity box. The "Command Mode - Piece" Quantity 1 piece refers to a single bottle, changing the amount involved multiple bottle.

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60,00 lei

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In the hierarchy of heavenly angels are archangels over the first seven in number. They are celestial beings with bodies of immortal glory, made to bring glory to God continually, to make known His people and to help people fulfill His commandments. Of the seven, Michael and Gabriel were the ones who showed the greatest benefactors of mankind.
Archangel Michael, whose name means God's power is the prince of the heavenly hosts, carrying the sword of fire and has a duty to keep the law of God. When Lucifer rebelled and started falling angels cry Mikhail Let us attend! was the one who stopped the fall. Miracles of Archangel Michael are numerous, from the defense of Daniel in the lions' den to removal of Lot from Sodom, and he will be the one at the end of time, will sound the trumpet and gather the nations to judgment.
Archangel Gabriel, whose name translates as God-man, was the one who went to heaven praying Virgin Mary, who first spoke the name of Jesus, who gave the name of John and Magi who revealed the mystery of the Incarnation. Is the protection of mothers and infants and is the leading fervent prayers to heaven, bringing them back fulfillment.
I celebrate the day dedicated to the Holy Angels and Archangels, on November 8.

  • Variety - Blend Cabernet&Merlot
  • Name details - IG
  • Alcohol percentage - 13.8%
  • Package - Bottle
  • Volume - 750 ml
  • Serving temperature - 16 - 18 grade C
  • Vineyard - Dealurile Olteniei
  • Type Dry


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