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Cellar Oprisor - Cupola Sanctis - Saint John

Wine road stretches slightly fruity with izuri makes good home with traditional.

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The angel announced to fill the power of grace holy mother from the womb, John the Baptist is the most beloved and celebrated saint of Christendom. Birth is almost an ad for what was to come - his mother, Elizabeth, is advanced in age and barren, his father Zacharias is punished for taking them doubt the gift of speech, which he regained only when agreed to give him his son chose the name Angel John.
The rough coat of camel's hair, nemâncând nebând bread and wine, but living on wild honey and locusts in the wilderness, John is the first to preach temperance and modesty, announcing the coming of the Savior and asks those who come to be baptized to prepare for the kingdom of God has come near. And it sits right above all the Saviour Jesus Christ, when it comes to the Jordan to be baptized: Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen one greater than John the Baptist.
John's power is so great that Herod dared not kill him for fear of the people, even when John rebuked him in front of everybody, for unchaste living with Herodias, wife of Herod's brother, Philip. John's Days spent much time in prison until the birthday of Herod, the king is so impressed with the dancing daughter of Herodias that promises its fulfillment of any desire. Advised by his mother, she demands the head of John the Baptist, and thus end the days of the first man who recognized Jesus as the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.
During the persecutions against Christians, John's body is burned by Julianus apostate, and he says that since there remains only an arm and a finger ashes were scattered in the wind. It's honestly no less than three times over the year: the day of his birth on June 24, the day the Lord baptized, January 7, and the Beheading Day on 29 August, when it's day of fasting and prayer .

  • Variety - Blend Cabernet&Merlot
  • Name details - IG
  • Alcohol percentage - 13.8%
  • Package - Bottle
  • Volume - 750 ml
  • Serving temperature - 16 - 18 grade C
  • Vineyard - Dealurile Olteniei
  • Type Dry


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