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Areas Ostrov

Areas Ostrov Ostrov vineyard representative of Dobrogea, producer of white wine, red wine, rose wine, dry wine,...



  • Areas Ostrov - City Durostorum

    Under the name Durostorum (Dorostolon) is an important settlement known Romanian writers and signaled ancient geographers, and weather routes. The ancient name of the city, with Celtic resonance, which might translate into "fortress", "steep hill fortress", implies the existence of a fortified settlement ciency prior to arrival of the Romans. Although there are a number of obvious belonging Thracian Getae culture, that settlement has not yet been discovered. If it was on a "hill" aaa as the name, it would have been somewhere near the present town of Silistra.During the Dacian War in 105 d. AD., Emperor Trajan deployed in Silistra region today, an elite unit of the Roman army to counter resistance fighters Dacians. Durostorum Fortress (Citadel canabae Durostorum) is among the ranks of vines that were planted in the times of Emperor Trajan even legionaries. It is the most important settlement of the Roman world and one of the most thriving cities, as only Ostrovul may have. "Fortress of the steep hill," as the name indicates, was the headquarters of the Legion XI - Claudia until the end of antiquity.Wines that characterize excellent range embodies two Durostorum Fortress nations who contributed to the birth of the Romanian people, namely white wines represents smoothness, harmony, stability Dacians, while red wines are grandeur, expressiveness, hardness Roman Empire.

  • Ostrov Areas - Naiada

    Ostrov Areas - Naiada

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    Ostrov Areas - Reserve

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