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Recas winery

From ancient times wine here aroused, and then subsided, thirst body and spirit.The first general information...



  • Recas winery - Schwaben Wein

    Recas winery - Schwaben wein, range from entry level wines Recas offers dry wine, semi-dry and semi-sweet, white, red and rose from Riesling, Burgundy, Royal Feteasca, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir.

  • Recas winery - I love you so much

    Recas winery - I love you more, range from Recas celebration of the wine lovers, white wine, rosé wine produced in Burgundy variety.

  • Recas winery - Hunyadi Castle

    Recas winery - Hunyadi Castle, the range of wines from Recas, offers quality at a very good price, white wine, red wine, rose wine, dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, variety, Riesling, feteasca royal, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, cabernet, merlot, pinot noir.

  • Recas winery - Rooster from vineyard

    Recas winery - Rooster from vineyard includes a range consisting of dry wine, semi-dry wine, white wine, red wine variety, Chardonnay, Muscat, Black Feteasca, Shiraz.

  • Recas winery - Power

    Recas winery - to power a range of red wine, dry wine of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Feteasca Black, all grown in the vineyard remarry.

  • Recas winery - Sole

    Recas keller - Sole includes a range of white wine, rosé wine, dry wine, the variety, Chardonnay, Feteasca Regala, Sauvignon Blanc, all Recas vineyard, Banat.

  • Recas winery - Solo Quinta & Cuvee Uberland

    Recas winery, Solo Quinta & Cuvee Uberlandia, two exceptional wines, special reserve, white wine and red wine, dry, blend of Merlot, Cabernet and Black Feteasca, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Feteasca Alba and Feteasca Regala, from grapes grown in vineyards remarry.

  • Recas winery - Selene

    From grapes from the best parcels of vines in the hills Recaş, picked at night to protect from heat and to protect their intense flavor appeared SELENE range [selenium], named after the embodiment of the moon in Greek mythology.Selene, in addition to Sole, celebrates the "savoir vivre" late evenings. Just as Sole means to enjoy the sun, means optimism, joy, warmth, attitude and zest for life, Selene means to overcome hot, enjoy the pleasant coolness and moonlight, is passion and intensity.

  • Cramele Recas - Domeniile Recas
  • Cramele Recas - Regno
  • Cramele Recas - Muse
  • Cramele Recas - Conacul Ambrozy

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