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Cotnari winery

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Cotnari winery

Cotnari Winery offers wine, dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet white, the white Fetească, Tamaioasa Romaneasca,...



  • Cellar Cotnari - Classic

    Cellar Cotnari, classic range includes white wine, dry, semidry, semisweet and sweet varieties, feteasca white, muscatel Romanian, Francusa, grasa of cotnari.

  • Cellar Cotnari - Range Domains

    Cellar Cotnari, range domains, white wine, rose wine, dry and semi-dry wines of Alba Fetească, Tamaioasa Romanian, Busuioaca of Bohotin.

  • Cellar Cotnari - Range Colloquium

    Cellar Cotnari range Colloquium, white wine, rose wine, just dry wine, from Feteasca White, Grasa of Cotnari, Tamaioasa Romanian (Muscatel), Busuioaca of Bohotin.

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