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Cellar Oprisor

Passion, intuition, attention to detail and accountability. There are four simple ingredients Carl Reh, Reh-founder...



  • Cellar Oprisor - range The Village Miracle

    The Citadel offer a range of leading Oprisor Cellar presents besides famous varietal wines and peaks of the range called symbolic miracle.

  • Cellar Oprisor - range Cupola Sanctis

    Range "Cupola Sanctis' bowed to Oltenia Deep faith. There is also a representative range which honors the name of the Orthodox calendar of saints like St. George, St. Andrew, St. Demetrius, St. Anne, St. Peter and Paul, St. Stephen, Saints Constantine and Helen, St. John, St. Nicholas, St. Mary and St. Elias and which, both by name and by valuable wine bottles, ideal gifts and occasions of celebration and socializing.

  • Cellar Oprisor - range Caloian

    "Caloian is a rain ritual in Romania, similar in some ways with Paparuda. It is mostly found in Wallachia (Southern part of Romania). The origin of this ritual, as many other local popular beliefs and practices, precedes the spreading of Christianity, although it was in time associated with the period of the Orthodox Easter." -

  • Cellar Oprisor - Val Duna Range

    VAL Duna is a brand of Carl Reh Winery wines, German owned company belonging Reh Kenderman (the largest wine distributor in the German market and one of Europe's leading wine merchants).

  • Cellar Oprisor Red Dragaica, White Rusalka and Rose Jiana

    Red DRAGAICAAs a nation, we have always had a reluctance to grant power to mythological figures show both the extreme good and to the evil. Midsummer mysterious, wicked fairies generation have both the power to luck, to heal and to bless the water star (morning dew on Midsummer Night) and the power to take the minds of mortals who see them dancing in the air above lakes and treasures. Consequently, around Romanization holiday (when the name was changed to Sancta ancestral Diana, Sânziana) mythology held Drăgaicii birth (from love), and announces ward off evil beings who love the same night of Midsummer. While the two have come to confuse and celebration caught the same way everywhere, from flowers to put under your pillow sânziene crowns (which bloom around this night) thrown into the village cattle herd to show age future boyfriend. If villagers respected her word and spirits have carried water from the well at night, not troubled spirits, and have never committed any other such sin DRAGAICA will take care of their crops, as will prevent the disease and children placed in front of virgins who plays Hora Drăgaicelor.Rusalka whiteRusalka was terror threat to children and young men, chastity belt mounted directly into the minds of boys began to ogle codanelor: an evil mermaid, a sinful Huchen who have the power to take the body of a woman, wandering through the woods in search of young men , whom he lured into the river or lake to drown. Today we are not afraid of Rusalka, but we can give the deserved place following the inspiration of genius Yesenin:Near a stack of dry costreiul I will sew Rusalka tinsel Eyes will put horseshoes Soak in ink. Tell him you're weary traveler Far from human pain Take it and lose caftan Rusalka down with the stories.(...) The village never perishes.

  • Cellar Oprisor range Maiastru

    Cellar Oprisor, Maiastru range represents a coming of humor, a good quality entry level, red wine, white wine, rosé wine, varietal, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and a Rose Black Fetească excellent. Renaissance place called Maiastru, worship the sun and his phoenix, always ready to redăruiască world more beautiful and brighter than before. But the same symbol is also the messenger over centuries of craftsmanship Bird, one in a thousand colors and Viersat unheard. The story says that a godly king and the foundation of the house of the Lord, but that the church could not be completed anymore, because the tower is destroy overnight. One night he dreamed that in turn have a gorgeous bird's nest to defend. The challenger, who accomplished desire, fate tried, then gave everything a man could want. The brothers, who stood against him, fate have lost. Finally, Maiastru is a praise of the earth, manual work, the precious fabrics that hide written with threads countries, local legends. And tells us that gorgeous sky and flying are the ones who know the land and history and the work place. To them and put aside all the gifts the world.

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