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Murfatlar winery

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Murfatlar winery

Blessed as one of the most suitable natural sites, Murfatlar Vineyard is located in the south-east Romania, between...



  • Rai of Murfatlar (Heaven of Murfatlar) Range

    Cellar Murfatlar, Rai of Murfatlar (Heaven of Murfatlar) range, comprises a series of three young wines, namely one white, one red and one pink, sweet, savory freshness that keeps ripe grape.

  • Dry of Murfatlar Range

    Cellar Murfatlar, Murfatlar Dry range. There are wines, dry, young peaks obtained from harvest and medals at the International Competition in Bucharest (2008) and Come Ljubljana (2008)

  • Zestrea Range

    Murfatlar Zestrea (dowry) is a brand of house wine Murfatlar (1943), in Dobrogea (south-eastern Romania), which owns a vineyard of 3,000 ha of vines, divided into several plots, vineyards, located between the Danube and the Black Sea, in the center Dobrogea Plateau, comprising the cities Murfatlar Trajan's Gate Alba and Siminoc.

  • New Farm Range

    New Farm is a place where human story to be confused with the wine. The story of the New Farm is one in which passion and talent were put into service to obtain a unique wine. A wine that finds, in turn, passions, giving rise to stories that will live just savoring it.

  • Ovidiu's Tear Range

    Sweet wines, called in general and dessert wines are a refinement unjustly ignored and often the secret of the speed with which you can make new friends. Although we gather at sixes and sevens as the liqueur wines, they are divided into several categories and vary depending on manufacturing technology and the amount of sugar they contain.

  • 3 Hectares range

    Murfatlar cellar, 3 hectares. The range consists of 4 wines: Chardonnay, Feteasca Black, Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé.

  • Arezan

    "Reaping the vineyards, in this time of year, the Thracians conducted a ceremonial bacchanal called Arezan. In a sign of sacrifice throwing strings come alive and fire for life to be fruitful in the year ahead. Arezan is a name linked to old Romanian traditions and is celebrating the beginning of the agricultural year "

  • Conu Alecu Range

    Murfatlar Romania's largest domestic producer of wines, launching a new brand of wine CONU 'ALECU. Available in ottonel Muscat, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Merlot Rosé, Conu ​​'Alecu is a long-haul semi-dry, ideal for a relaxing evening with friends. It's kind funny, always ready to party, especially designed for people who know what life is. This wine, with its special freshness and flavor, wake appetite for life and spirit for adventure. Freshness invigorates and relaxes in any situation, which makes it very suitable for parties and late nights with friends.

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