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Halewood Winery

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Halewood Winery

Built in 1892 by William Rhein, a descendant of German set 500 years in Brasov, Rhein & CIE Azuga is the oldest place...



  • Halewood Winery - Byzantium Range

    Byzantium includes wines with outstanding personality and individuality, modern and innovative blends such as Rosso di Wallachia and Transylvanie Blanc - a combination of the technical expertise of those in Halewood and the extraordinary potential of the vineyards owned by the company.Complex wines that signifies luxury, refinement and whim.

  • Halewood Winery - Halewood Special Reserve Range

    The benefits of these wines are constant quality. For these wines were chosen the most exquisite varieties of grapes and each of these characteristics are highlighted.

  • Halewood Winery - Hyperion Range

    Hyperion range is produced in limited edition and wants to be a rare and exceptional delight for those with refined tastes. There are some things we encounter every day, and some things that you meet once in your lifetime, infinitely more precious. Really special, Hyperion promises an escape from the ordinary, experience full quality taste.

  • Halewood Winery - Kronos & Neptunus & Rhea & Principele R

    First generation divine Son, the youngest of the Titans, Kronos, unraveling the secrets you crave, in secret, any mortal: mastering time. Naturally curious and bold, Kronos made ​​its existence since the beginning of their own destiny, bringing balance of the world in which he lived. The earth has created a perfect, full of harmony and wealth called "Golden Age". Eternal Protector of the fruits of the earth at that time harmony encapsulated in a limited edition bottles of excellent wine. Joining his brothers Hyperion and Theia these wines reflect this complexity in character, refinement and rule a world long gone, but never forgotten.

  • Halewood Winery - Prahova Valley Reserve Range

    Prahova Valley is wine that complements you and we like to think that makes you an exceptional quality of life. It is the largest range of wines cellars Halewood. The grapes come from the region Dealu Mare - Hills Wallachia, Transylvania Plateau - Sebes Alba and Dobrogea hills.Modern vinified wines in this range have received matured in barriques for 4 months and one aged in bottle for over 6 months.

  • Halewood Winery - Prahova Valley Special Reserve Range

    Prahova Valley wine range includes that complements and enhances your (we think) quality of life. It is best known wines range Halewood cellars. The grapes come from the region Dealu Mare(Great hill), Transylvania Plateau and Murfatlar region. Meets premium quality wines, complex, modern impression of wearing 12 months aging in new oak barrels, romanian and French, and aged in bottle to achieve specific bouquet. Technological interventions conditioning wine to preserve naturalness and flavors were minimal.

  • Halewood Winery - Private reserve

    Halewood Winery, Private Reserve range, red wine, complex, representing successful blend of natural fruitiness of the wine and oak flavors extracted from being aged up to 12 months in oak barrels and aged in bottle enjoying a minimum of 6 months.

  • Halewood Winery - Single Vinyard Selection

    Some vineyard plots receiving extraordinary conditions, such as soil and micro-climate that favors cultivation of specific types of vines. Grapes obtained in these vineyards are of high quality and generate exceptional wines.Wines La Catina and short of the 2008 harvest, are launched under the concept of "real life" ("single vineyard") and come from vineyards Domains Dealu Halewood-Mare where small areas have been identified with specific conditions that give wines a typical variety expressed and which we are sure will pleasantly impressed.La Catina and Short are well structured wine, young, but very well balanced in terms of smell and taste. Grapes in 2008 were of very good quality, from the production of Halewood Estates, part of Halewood Romania.La Catina Single Vineyard - Pinot Noir 2008 wine balanced, harmonious, fresh flavors of berries. "La Catina" is one of the best vineyard areas in Dealu Mare, flanked by shrubs fragrant underbrush and cherry.Short life, hence this Chardonnay Viognier 2008 is a complex located in a privileged place on the sunny slopes of Dealu Mare Vineyards at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, at an altitude of about 150 meters. The wine is distinguished by complexity and freshness with aromas of tropical fruit.

  • Halewood Winery - Theia

    Designed by uniting heaven and earth, Theia is the source of eternal light, best known as the mother of the Sun. Titanida grace endowed with foresight and thought deeply, Theia has joined her brother Hyperion destiny to give life to the existence of entities that guide us in ancient times: Selene (Moon), Eos (Dawn) and Helios (the Sun). Enjoying appreciation in various poses, its essence is intrinsically linked to the light and the kingdom of heaven, her vision showed in full flavor, smooth and harmonious wine that bears her name. Joining his brothers Hyperion and Kronos, these wines reflect this complexity in character, refinement and rule a world long gone, but never forgotten.

  • Halewood Winery - Sunflower Special Reserve

    Flowers and wine, some of the most beautiful creations of nature are the symbol of friendship and love, give warmth, energy and power. Therefore we have chosen for these unique wines, which are kept in sunlight and primary essence of the grape, the name Sunflower.

  • Halewood Winery - Flower of Moon Private Reserve

    Halewood Winery - Flower of Moon Private Reserve

  • Halewood wine cellar - Colina Piatra Alba

    Halewood wine cellar - Colina Piatra Alba

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