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Girboiu winery

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Girboiu winery

Gîrboiu Winery is a family business established in 2005, which has a large area of approximately 200 hectares, unique...



  • Cellar Girboiu, Livia range

    Livia, a strong name that gathers the power of the well-known Roman people that lasted over the entire Latin tradition. Under such a special character that recognizes the true values, the wines of Livia range are a delight for those seeking uniqueness and refinement. Inspired from the noble Latin name, Livia wines are dry or semidry, powerful and refined, from the best varieties.These wines combine the tradition of Vrancea places with modern methods of vinification in order to create subtle and harmonious tastes. These are wines with character, strong, fruitiness and are unique – just like the brilliant Sarba.

  • Cellar Girboiu, VARANCHA range.

    Cellar Girboiu, VARANCHA range. Vrancea was a land of transhumance, and explain the undeniable fact that pastoral character and ethno-folkloric traditions. VARANCHA idea came from a desire to return to their true value wines Vrancea past. Name Vrancea Varancha attested form in 1431, is generally explained by specialists as "mountain" or "raven", suggesting raven black forest density, or "barrel hole." There are testimonials that talk about the existence of the favorable natural conditions for the development of the vine, and secondly about the great attachment of the people who lived here for this plant came into beliefs, habits and in their entire lives. Varancha range includes pure varieties Romanian and international varieties vinified in semi-dry after Romanian traditional methods.

  • Cellar Girboiu, range epicentrum

    Girboiu winery, range epicentrum, suggests, white wine and red wine, only dry in three blended, muscat ottonel (muscatel) and Aligoté, Sarba and plavaie, merlot and cabernet sauvignon. All varieties benefit from DOC-CMD title, only grown in vineyards Cotesti.

  • Cellar Girboiu, range Bacanta

    Cellar Girboiu range Bacanta proposes only dry wine, white and red varieties feteasca white, black feteasca, sauvignon blanc and merlot.With passion as a priestess of wine, worship as a young woman, fickle as a woman harlot with full flavor but seductive maenad is a range of wines precious magic. Chosen wisely, varieties are most valued for their skills and extravagance.They dry wine, made by connoisseurs for connoisseurs, the requirement of a tradition for centuries in Vrancea, in honor of a famous vineyards-Cotesti ambition and a genuine Romanian wineries - cellar Girboiu. White wines are elegant and refined range maenad and red ones are obsolete in oak barrels to become complex and unique.

  • Crama Girboiu Gama Tectonic
  • Girboiu Wine Cellar, Varancha Exclusive Range

    Girboiu wine cellar - Varancha Exclusiv The coconut symbol, found everywhere in the sources of legends, embodies the freshness of every beginning and the lively life, like the Varancha wine. Strong colors highlight the tonic, energetic and vibrant qualities of Varancha varieties and send a message of optimism, according to special moments.

  • Crama Girboiu, Gama Cuartz

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