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  • Alcovin Winery - Macin

    Alcovin cellar , wine center consists of Macin , Macin wines and the vineyard Sarica Niculitel . We specialize in wines with very good yields from Dobrogea , besides Royal Fetească common varieties , Chardonnay , Merlot , Pinot Noir and others , this area of ​​Northern Dobrogea offers very good conditions for Aligote .SC Alcovin SRL was founded in 2002 , whose main activity is the production of wine , bottling and marketing. Is a member of the Professional Association of Dobrogea hills wine ( member ONIV ) and since its establishment has implemented food safety management system based on HACCP principles. The company has about 300 hectares of vineyards, half of the surface being positioned in the Cerna , in the area located between " Macin Mountains National Park " and " Chervant Hill Forest Reserve " , the other half being on Carcaliu hill , in an area protected in the European network - site " Natura 2000 " . The varieties grown are Aligoté , Fetească Royal Fetească White , Sauvignon Blanc , Muscat Ottonel , Tămâioasă Romanian , Italian Riesling , Chardonnay , Merlot , Pinot Noir , Cabernet Sauvignon , Petit Verdot , Shiraz , Fetească Black Viognier . Newly planted vines is the result of fruitful collaboration with renowned nurseries in Italy and France , using both surface and setting up for grapes , cutting-edge technology . Throughout the production process seeks compliance with European technology . Processing and storage capacity wine center is about 2,300 tons. Wines produced here is supplied both bottled form ( 0,75 l glass bottles and packaging bag-in -box type ) and in bulk, both domestic and foreign markets .

  • Cellar Oprisor

    Passion, intuition, attention to detail and accountability. There are four simple ingredients Carl Reh, Reh-founder Kendermann, put them on the basis of its wine business in 1920, in a Germany which was repeated itself after a devastating war. His legacy is present even today, after nine decades, the company became the largest exporter of German wines (and one of the largest in the world) and managed to remain, however, a family business that values ​​the same principles as the beginning.

  • Ceptura Winery

    "Cellar Ceptura has the most modern winemaking platforms and sophisticated technological equipment of the latest generation. Department provides primary wine processing 10,000 tons of grapes per season, and warehouse storage capacity is about 10 million liters of wine. Now we will have one of the best vineyards in the country. vineyards Călugărească Valley wine have a unique potential: an ideal microclimate at a higher altidudine and optimal southern exposure. Dealu area is famous especially for red wines, full bodied, full of character. Here Fetească Black is at home, and we Cellar specialists Ceptura we to maximize this potential "- Marcel Grajdieru

  • Girboiu winery

    Gîrboiu Winery is a family business established in 2005, which has a large area of approximately 200 hectares, unique in story telling and specific climatic conditions of the area. Vineyards in the Community Coteşti which is characterized by very favorable weather conditions and a soil rich in minerals - unique in the south-eastern Romania. The hills are situated at an altitude ranging between 150 and 200 meters. This area has a long tradition in viticulture, which each year provides modern and high quality wines. Gîrboiu vineyards of the winery consists of native vines, such as holidays, Plăvaie, Fetească Royal Fetească White Black Fetească and international, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling Italico, ottonel Muscat, Gewurztraminer, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir. Wine Gîrboiu wants to produce and provide consumers the best wines, known by the uniqueness of place and well-known varieties grown in vineyards Coteşti and recognized tradition of hundreds of years of good winemaking.

  • Halewood Winery

    Built in 1892 by William Rhein, a descendant of German set 500 years in Brasov, Rhein & CIE Azuga is the oldest place occurs without interruption throughout the time the sparkling wine by the traditional method - the method Champenoise. Wine was raised to the surface, about 1.50 meters thick walls.

  • Budureasca winery

    Budureasca is one of fireplaces representative of life multimillenary pretracic Middle Paleolithic and early Neolithic, Bronze Age along the Thracian civilization and iron the Geto - Dacian era until the Romanian people: From the free Dacians and Daco, the ancient Romans .Budureasca Valley was the first area Carpathian hills, 30 km ENE of the city of Ploiesti. Budureasca river terraces include 31 archaeological sites, ancient human group densest in Dacia.On these hills, among the remains of ancient Dacian civilizations Budureasca Valley craftsmanship of our wines in full respect towards nature, towards potion itself and to our customers.From the noble legacy of these hills I kept pride, simplicity and honesty. Romanian wine truly noble.

  • Murfatlar winery

    Blessed as one of the most suitable natural sites, Murfatlar Vineyard is located in the south-east Romania, between the Danube and Black Sea in central Dobrogea Plateau. Wine lands comprise over 3,000 acres in the towns, Murfatlar Trajan's Gate Alba and Siminoc. Continental climate, the diversity of vineyards location, the protective effect of relief against cold currents predominantly north - eastern, favorable influence in the vicinity of the Black Sea which moderates excessive heat and frost, Murfatlar Vineyard offers a particular microclimate favorable for achieving a wide variety of wines.

  • Purcari winery

    Winery Purcari from Republic of Moldova, offers Purcari Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon Purcari, Purcari Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Purcari, Purcari Chardonnay, White Purcari, Purcari Red, rare Purcari, Purcari Cahors, quality wines superior, white, red, rosé, dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet. Fine taste of good wine is well known residents of this region. Since ancient times, this region was founded a colony of ancient Rome. The Romans had a huge impact on the development of local winemaking traditions and customs of consumption of wine.Over the centuries traditions have not died, but on the contrary, have taken root and become an integral part of local culture and Moldova became a country of exceptional wines.

  • Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea winery

    Cultivated varieties: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, incense, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Fetească Alba Royal Fetească, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Marselan, Fetească Black Rose Tamaioasa.Field Crown Segarcea stretches over a blessed terroir, soil and harsh blazing sun as a combination of high human nature and the nature warm generous.The parallel 44 ° Segarcea is called "parallel quality wines" in the south of Romania, in Oltenia region, 25 km S of Craiova and 70 km north of the Danube. Viticulture is favored here by the climatic conditions, the vineyards are planted on hills last stretch before the Danube, in an amphitheater formed by the river, Carpathians and Balkan Mountains. These hills have been in the past a large pool from which arose a limestone pedestal, overlapping layer of mold.Number at least? For 1440 hours of sunshine during the vegetation period (April 1 to October 31) makes the terroir Segarcea be used mainly for the cultivation of black grapes without disadvantage but white varieties. The amount of annual precipitation amounts to 565 mm and the average annual temperature is 11oC. Ideal conditions here have led to the birth of wines with strong character.

  • Domeniile Samburesti winery

    Cellar Samburesti areas composed of Samburel range of Olt, range and Chateau Valvis Samburesti areas.So unjustly abandoned and condemned to oblivion in a majestic but passed away in Podgorica Samburesti nothing remained but a memory, the story occasionally, increasingly rarely, by locals.Formerly the most valuable in the whole kingdom, equal potions of the famous Bordeaux wine Samburesti taste could be only by specialists books bygone times, got ink in points and tied for adjectives. But times have changed.And the most precious fruit of Samburesti bloom again today.

  • Cotnari winery

    Cotnari Winery offers wine, dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet white, the white Fetească, Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Grasa de Cotnari, and a blend Francusa Chateau de Cotnari quality wines awarded international prizes. Under the sun of the East, where the landscape becomes undulations maiestuose, the most precious fruit of the earth looks like a divine promise, promise to be turned into wine. But some wine, but of those that are too precious to be drunk. Cotnari wine tasting is intended to take the time to tell the story of each bean that compose it.

  • Recas winery

    From ancient times wine here aroused, and then subsided, thirst body and spirit.The first general information about viticulture in the Banat region belongs the Roman occupation of Dacia, 3rd century AD. Old legends say that in this region but was born and raised Bacchus, god of wine at Gauls then adopted by the Greeks as Bacchus-Dionysus, and the Romans as Bacchus.The oldest written document about vineyards remarry is dated November 11, 1447, an act that Michael the draft, Money Severin, buy vineyards from John and Catherine Hungarian Magyar for 32 gold florins.Beginning in 1772 and until 1786 they emigrated to the region, willingly or due to poverty, a large number of Swabia, Bavaria residents in the Ulm area that spoke dialect Schwaben.Cohabitation of Romanians and Germans completed all prerequisites legend: fertile land, sun generous, hardworking and skilled people.Moving from tradition and history to the present, we can say that God continues to bless legendary destiny protects Winery vineyards. People here were not satisfied to live in memories and brought in everything Winery is new in the wine and viticulture.

  • Vinarte

    Vinarte - contine, Castel Starmina, Terase Danubiene, Villa Zorilor si Colectia Vinarte. Toate gamele acopera cu produse de nisa, pana la produse premium. Colectia Vinarte, reprezinta gama ce inglobeaza toate produsele premium, Nedeea, Prince Mircea, Prince Matei, Sirena Dunarii, Soare si Castel Bolovanu.

  • Vinju Mare Areas

    Great Vinju areas, with the wine center in the town of the same name Vinju Great Mehedinti offers, white wine, red wine, rose wine, dry wine, semi-dry wine, sweet wine varieties, sauvignon blanc, merlot, Romanian muscatel , cabernet sauvignon, 5 Reasons range, Prince Vlad, Vinju Mare.

  • Rotenberg Cellar

    Wine Rotenberg determined that realm between municipalities Ceptura and Fântânele, even in the heart of Dealu Mare specializes strictly on developing and diversifying Merlot. Offer Wine, red wine, rose wine, dry wine, the variety, merlot and aims for the best merlot in tara.Vinurile are proposed under the name emeritus merlot, merlot minstrel, minstrel rose, merlot classic, notorious merlot, merlot rose , minstrel merlot, merlot Ceptura.

  • Avincis Winery

    Avincis cellar, cellar placed near Dragsani, offers, red wine, white wine, rose wine, dry wine, medium dry wine from Sauvignon blanc, Cramposie selected, Muscat Ottonel, feteasca royal cabernet sauvignon and merlot with a blend of cabernet sauvignon .

  • Areas Stirbey

    Prince Stirbey Winery areas Stirbey Dragasani offers, red wine, white wine, rose wine, dry wine, sweet wine of varieties, sauvignon blanc, Cramposie selected Romanian muscatel, feteasca royal cabernet sauvignon, feteasca black, merlot, bighead .

  • Aurelia Visinescu

    Aurelia Visinescu, Sahateni provides market quality wines as four games. Nomad range, Artisan, Karakter, animals, each with its own characteristics. The range is varied and consists of red wine, white wine, rose wine, dry wine, sweet wine, semi-dry wine, variety, feteasca white, black feteasca, cabernet, merlot, pinot noir, pinot grigio, chardonnay, muscatel Romanian. They are also seasoned products bearing the ending barrique, Fetească Alba barrique. In range and 2 products are blended, White Artisan, blend consisting of Fetească White Riesling, Tamaioasa Romanian and Artisan Red, Black Fetească blend consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot.

  • Lacerta Winery

    Lacerta Winery, vineyard Dealu Mare, includes white wine, red wine, from the noble variety, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, pinot noir, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, muscat ottonel.

  • Accessories

    Wine Accessories, Wine shop and accessories, accessories type facility transport bottles of wine accessories online kind gift for wine bottles

  • Bag in Box

    Romanian wines packaged in bag in box system. An effective method of packing / shipping for larger orders. Bag in Box system, BIB, offer volume 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L. Almost all the major manufacturers, such wines have adopted this option Packing: Wine Girboiu, Vinarte, Dominions Samburesti Cellar, Wine Cellar Crown Field Segarcea Ceptura Winery, Cellar Murfatlar Wine Alcovin - Macin, Wine Halewood Budureasca Cellar, Cellars Winery in different varieties - cabernet sauvignon, merlot, black feteasca, pinot noir, feteasca royal feteasca white, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, Italian Riesling, Muscat Ottonel and more.

  • Areas Ostrov

    Areas Ostrov Ostrov vineyard representative of Dobrogea, producer of white wine, red wine, rose wine, dry wine, semi-dry wine, sweet wine, sweet wine of famous varieties such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot, black feteasca, pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, white feteasca, feteasca royal muscat, riesling and beyond. "Domains Ostrov" is the brand "umbrella" under which communicates and sells wines the vineyard ranges Ostrov, which spans 1,300 acres. Along with vineyard vines company also owns nearly 400 acres of fruit trees and 200 hectares of vegetables.

  • Cellar Workshop

    Workshop M1.Crama project is entering the premium wine segment producer Murfatlar and was achieved through an investment of 550,000 euros. The cellar has a capacity of 170 600 l stainless steel tanks and 60,000 small barriques him. To maintain its self-imposed Cellar Workshop have been "ceded" almost 30 acres, parcels carefully selected and prepared since the winter of 2010, of the 3,100 hectares of Murfatlar.

  • Corcova winery

    Cellar Corcova , is composed Corcova range and Corcova Reserve. Both offer white wines , red and rose famous varieties : merlot , cabernet sauvignon , pinot noir , black feteasca , syrah , chardonnay , muscat ottonel origin is from Farm Jirovel grapes , Sat Jirov , village Corocova , Mehedinti .Located in the south -west of the country, Mehedinti County , Corcova is a new winery to the public today , but that resume quality winemaking tradition initiated in this area after several hundred years.Wines Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu are special and have that " gout du terroir " , because here they meet all the necessary elements : a temperate continental climate with Mediterranean influences - hot, dry summers , mild winters , with enhanced precipitation , soils structure varied lithological and mineral rich Piedmont Motrului specific part of the largest units in the country Piedmont Piedmont Piedmont , noble vine varieties suitable , provided Pepinieres Hebinger and careful and responsible team work Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu .Since 2005 , 55 hectares were replanted with vines provided Pepinieres Hebinger existing French and cultivars during estate Bibeştilor - Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot , Pinot Noir, Syrah , Muscat Ottonel , Chardonnay , Sauvignon Blanc - and Fetească black . In addition , cellars built by Prince Antoine Bibescu were fully restored during 2008 - 2009 , respecting the original architecture , and equipped with machines produced by the most prestigious wine specialist firms in France and Italy.

  • Gramma winery - Olteanu wine house

    Gramma concept was created as a tribute speech. Communication between friends, between strangers or between generations, endowed by the magical effects of a balanced wine so turns into art. Being the first Romanian brand that puts unsuspected strength in word choice and expression promotes education Gramma clean.The offer consists of white wine varieties and Aligoté Fetească Royal, a cuvee as the Cuvee Visan and three blends under the name Epic, Lyrical and Dramatic.

  • Isarescu winery

    Outstanding wines, especially dedicated Horeca segment, but even retail, which includes white wines, red wines and rosé varieties, Cramposie, cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, black muscatel dragasani and Romanian.Who passes water Olt up Drăgăşani, to discover awe in front of this temple great and unique country ...In a wonderful and eye-catching decor, Drăgăşanii found themselves when they know the world. The delicate essence of health and joy gave Drăgăşaniul - come as a durable, lightweight foam and reflex incomparably attractive - served to sharing the brightest figures of the Romanian past: the nobility if Romanian army generals, Mircea cel elder Michael the Brave ...Drăgăşani wine is an excellent table wine, the best of Romania - golden-yellow color, a pronounced taste of fruit, a very personal bouquet.

  • Miniatures

    In miniatures offer a can find samples of famous wines from famous houses such as: Halewood, Winery, Vinarte, Budureasca, Corcova, Wine Oprisor.

  • Lilac Winery

    Wine Cellar LILIAC in Transylvania. Transylvania has always been a land of the living legends. Some concerns priceless wines which have their origin in this region. Transmitted by the fireside legends forefathers, tell how unprecedented sap runs through Transylvania lands, feeding grapes that are unparalleled in these regions. You always grow grapes used to famous wines nepreţuiţii Lilac, unique wines that make their way among the best wines from around the world .. Nowadays, Lilac Transylvania revive secular tradition that has in viticulture. Landscape secular and modern technique creates, on 60 acres, a perfect symbiosis. Here are created native wines which subjugate the sophistication and complexity. Whether white, red, pink or irresistibly sweet, whenever we open a bottle of Lilac, incredible experiences are about to be discovered.

  • Basilescu winery

    Basilescu Nicholas, born in 1860 Howl was evident from the outset by extraordinary intelligence and ambition that helped him to overcome social boundaries. Was noted as a prominent personality ?? Romanian society of the nineteenth century, the Dean of the Faculty of Law of Bucharest with the longest period in its history dean and founder of New Bucharest neighborhood.Nicholas Basilescu noble mission was continued by his son Basilescu Aristide, who was head of the political economy of the University of Bucharest.And like any great creation is born out of a sense divine wines Basilescu their tissue origin of beautiful love story between the young and the young lady Aristide Basilescu Aglae Saint Georges de Posingen, descendant of a family attested ?? in documents in 400 AD Their love was a blessing to work viticultural area from Howl. At that time began working with Capsa restaurant and Maison de Champagne St. Marceaux & Co.Integrity, love, revolutionary vision, dedication are some basic elements that are transmitted Basilescu wines.

  • Petro Vaselo

    Petro Vaselo

  • Alira

    For us, good wine is a complex of actions that begin in the vineyard and winery continues then. It means, of course, to have the best space for wine processing. For this no effort is too great. As yet, the Rasova cellar is under construction, we transported our first production to several hundred kilometers in refrigerated trucks in boxes 6-7 pounds until County, where I found the dish to suit the style of wine oenologist.In the second year, I came closer and I vinified from grapes Ceptura in Dealu Mare, the epicenter of Romanian red wine. In the coming years we stayed at Cernavoda, where to create the best environment for our grape processing, we made significant investments.Once in the winery, the grapes are deschiorchinaţi. And then begins a thorough selection process grains. This wine is made only from beans that have reached perfection. Then, under the supervision and coordination of our oenologist Marc Dworkin, we make wine.Follow barique aging in oak. At this stage, depending on the type of wine and its characteristics, our oenologist decides when using new barrels and the time you spend on each wine to mature.After aging, the wine rests in tanks where the grapes were vinified thus preparing for bottling.Currently, three new product ranges are available and judgment wine lovers: Alir - range we have introduced and which we see as a good partner for special occasions such as a chat and a regular day of the week. Alir Grand Vin - top range Alira which is a selection of the best wines made from vineyards from ALIMAN and Laurie - range of wines for modern retail.


    S.E.R.V.E. Born from a dream, a dream of the founder, Count Guy Tyrel de POIX In Romania of 1993, despite appearances daunting, more than 4 years after the revolution, Count Guy de POIX (French wine producer and owner of 50 ha of vineyards in Corsica - Field Peraldi) chose Romania, sensing the potential quality of Romanian wine regions. Thus, in 1994, Guy set up the first private wine-growing companies in Romania after 1989: Euro Romanian Society of wines Exception (SERVE) S.E.R.V.E. started in 1994, when the first bottle of "Wine Knight" came on the market. Dedication, patience and passion has been invested in those early years because "Wine Knight" brand become synonymous with modern, quality and style. The investment in Romania exceeds 2.5 million for a wine cellar with a capacity of 15,000 hl equipped with a bottling line 2,000 bottles / hour, and a total of 110 fully replanted since 1999. Total production does not exceed 800,000 bottles; as we like to introduce ourselves, we are "the lowest of the largest and highest among children".

  • Davino

    The wine, nature enroll memory of a year of events. Events subtle and fleeting for some: wind, rain, sun. Prerequisites for those who exploit them science in a special wine: both creative and diligence of an act of self-overcoming, resumed year.

  • Crama Cricova
  • Sarica Niculitel
  • Crama Rasova
  • Crama Catleya


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