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Basilescu winery

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Basilescu winery

Basilescu Nicholas, born in 1860 Howl was evident from the outset by extraordinary intelligence and ambition that...



  • Basilescu winery - Vinicer

    Basilescu winery - Vinicer

  • Basilescu winery - Eclipse

    Collection "Eclipse" is a show of wine born in the whisper of nature. Discover a new way to taste the joy of pure varieties: Black Fetească, Burgund Mare (vinified in pink), Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling Italian, Romanian Busuioacă of Bohotin and Tămâioasă.Escape the emotion of the moment ...

  • Basilescu winery - Angels from Little Paris

    Collection "Little Paris Angels" tells the legend moving sequences Little Paris - Bucharest interwar period. It is a collection dedicated to the rebirth of acids and Romania at that time.The wines from this collection revives moments of Romanian bohemian life.

  • Basilescu Winery - Golem

    Collection Golem, "Wines of creation" is a tribute to the art of taste and passion to live. These wines can be obtained only in exceptional years for vines, by processing the best grapes and manually select the best plots.Each wine of this collection is a gift of nature ennobled the human creation

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