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Lilac Winery

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Lilac Winery

Wine Cellar LILIAC in Transylvania. Transylvania has always been a land of the living legends. Some concerns...



  • Lilac Winery - Twilight

    Lilac Winery, Twilight. Twilight is rapidly growing phenomenon of light in the morning, before sunrise (dawn or daybreak) and the gradual decrease of light in the evening, after sunset (twilight). This phenomenon is due to light scattering by high terrestrial atmosphere, the lower atmospheric layers diffuse light and surface.

  • Lilac Winery - Lilac

    In Lilac wine, besides Romanian grapes, harvested with great carefulness and love is found and a significant percentage of the Austrian experience. And under the guidance of expert Rudolf Krizan, who studied various aspects years of winemaking, both work in the vineyard and the winery rises to the highest degree of professionalism. Therefore talking about a consortium of wine connoisseurs, which emphasizes high standards of Lilac wine. Commitment, attention, spiritual communion with the earth and climate-are the foundations of a great wine. All are found in abundance in this area. However, nowadays who wants to turn grape juice into wine top needs much more: quality control must not know any compromise, the technology used in the winery must be cutting-edge and not Finally, creativity so necessary for exploiting the potential of each crop. Revitalization of viticulture in regions full of tradition plays a very important regarding optimal use and maintain valuable resources.

  • Crama Liliac - Young Liliac
  • Crama Liliac - Private Selection

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